About the Designer

Website developer Mark Bedard located in Alexandria, New Hampshire, a full-time web developer and have been developing websites for over 20 years for many different companies. Hiring me means that you can depend on getting a website that is built right. Please take a look around my website to get an idea of the web development services I offer and read the testimonials from my clients.

Freelance Website Developer Mark Bedard I have been freelancing since 1997, and in those years not only have I kept up with all the current website development trends in the industry but I have learned many tricks that makes my clients websites stand out from others. Every site is unique to the business, and I build all my websites from scratch so there are no cookie-cutter websites here. It may take a little bit longer to build a website this way, but my client gets a one-of-a-kind website that is tailored to their company’s needs and ideology and not a shared design that someone else has.

When I built my own website, I also took it upon myself to learn about keyword research and on page search engine optimization. The organic traffic I receive to my website grew to the point that it has been many years since I have had to pursue finding new clients. I take everything I have learned about SEO (search engine optimization) and put it into the basic foundation of all the websites I build.

Not only have I spent many years as a freelance web developer, I have also been a web designer for a few small businesses and recently I have developed new website features and fixed issues for a very large corporate company. In that role, I worked alongside a team of graphic designers, database developers, and product managers. I’ve learned to work with databases and frameworks such as Bootstrap.  Upon leaving the corporate world and transitioning back to working remotely from home as a freelance web developer, I’ve never looked back. I love freelancing and staying away from the stress of meetings, work place bureaucracy a daily commute. (If you live near me in Alexandria, New Hampshire you know what I mean!)